How to pick a solar installer

How to pick a Solar Company / Installer

Solar Panel companies are popping everywhere because of a few reasons:

  • Finally Affordable – from costs getting driven down from innovation and incentives from federal government, cities, states and local utility company incentives.

  •  Energy Independence – the awareness that renewable energy makes the most sense for the future.

  •  Control – Finally a way to control a cost that has risen 60% in just 15 years!!

So, how do you decide on the best company to use when installing Solar Panels?  There are a few things that may help make this decision a little easier.  Here are some pointers:

  1. Location – It is advisable to choose a local business when installing solar panels because if you have any issues with the installation, or just need some maintenance support, having your installer just around the corner is far more reassuring than a company over 100 miles away.
  2. Company History – It is always good to research and find out a bit about the company – i.e. how long they have been established, client testimonials, types of accreditation, etc. Pay attention to Solar Panel companies that have only recently emerged, they may be a solid choice or a newbie learning on the job.
  3. Cost – Solar Panel installation costs will vary considerably so it’s advisable to get quotes from more than one company that provide high quality installation of solar panels. It is also important to understand if a quotation is higher – why it is the case. It may be that a higher quality panel or inverter is being used – or indeed it may be a larger installation. Trying to get a true like for like quotation is tough, so it is worthwhile talking to the companies who provided the quote after receiving it to ensure that you understand fully what is being quoted for and how that may differ from their competitors.
  4. Warranty – Most high quality solar panel installers will give around 5-20 years warranty and the length of warranty that they are willing to provide will be reflective of the quality of their work. The more warranty that they give shows the confidence that they have in their product and installation therefore this is a great indication on whether they are a good company to use for your Solar Panel installation. It is highly recommended to find a company that provides a long warranty and support – as this will be invaluable during the lifetime of your installation.
  5. Financing Options – Companies have to meet certain strict criteria to qualify for the best lender partnerships. These are the most sought out lenders that have the best maintenance plans, interest rates and lowest money or even $0 money down for up to 18 months of no payments!

We met with people every day that never knew the differences between solar installation companies. Hopefully this article will help you choose the best vendor for your needs and if you have any other questions, we would be more than happy to help. Please contact us for an immediate response.